186 JMSN Teachers Face The Sack


* Nurses face the sack – They never face my sack no matter how much I ask.

* Police Commissioner asked why his best friend could sell drugs – Again?

* Doctors hired on colour of skin – What next? Politicians forcing certain players into the rugby team?

* Zimbabwe has no bricks – And even if they did, they have no one who knows how to lay them. I tried laying a brick once – ow!

* Richard Branson announced an honouree elder in Kenya – And this on the wake of his offer to purchase the country.

Much Respect!


One response to “186 JMSN Teachers Face The Sack

  1. A really refreshing way of looking at the news. A friend of mine once told me that the only way he can enjoy reading a newspaper is by adding “with his dick” at the end of every headline. Totally hilarious. Try it.

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